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GPS and Gadgets

photograph of my first Apple Macintosh system


In May 2008 I purchased a Satmap Active 10 GPS device. I started with the South Downs Way map card but have had a great many areas added to the card by going to to Satmap’s HQ in Leatherhead.

The Active 10 has been an excellent device and has stood up to the rigours of mountain biking pretty well.

Below are some .gpx files that can be used by most GPS units.


Glastonbury Festival 2009 GPS locations of all the stages and major areas:

Image of Glastonbury Festival GPS locations of stages
an image of the file loaded into Google Earth

click to download gpx fileGlastonbury_festival_2009.gpx

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South Downs Way – British Heart Foundation Randonnée

The route for the 2009 BHF SDW Randonnée, the locations of the checkpoints and the locations of water taps as .gpx files:

click to download gpx fileSDW_2009.gpx
click to download gpx fileSDW_BHF_checkpoints.gpx
click to download gpx fileSDW_taps.gpx
with some tap information dervived from
updated June 2010 to include new tap at Meon Springs Farm

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Betws y Coed – Marin Trail

I had downloaded .gpx file for the Marin Trail from another site but when riding the trail in August 2010 it was clear that trail must have changed. The .gpx below is an accurate trace of the official trail as at August 2010:

click to download gpx fileBetws-y-Coed_Marin_Trail.gpx

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I seem to be drawn to rugged electronics, partly through their practicality for the outdoor activities I do and partly through their tough aesthetic.

Ricoh G600 camera

This camera cannot be faulted for its ruggedness and I have used it in very wet conditions without any issues. The main drawback with the camera is that there is no way of ensuring a fast shutter speed is used when shooting fast moving subjects. Most cameras either have a ‘sports’ mode or the ability to operate in ‘aperture-priority’ – unfortunately this camera has neither and so I end up with a lot of blurred shots.

If shooting a static scene the image quality is excellent.

Ricoh G600
Ricoh G600 rugged digital camera

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Ballistic HC iPhone 4 case

I saw this case on the web and ordered it directly from the manufacturer in the States. It took two weeks to arrive but is well worth the wait for the level of protection it offers the phone.

Ballisitic iPhone 4 HC case inner
The main (inner) case

Ballisitic iPhone 4 HC case in outer case
In the outer rubber-type case

Ballisitic iPhone 4 HC case plastic holster
In the hard plastic holster

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