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Mountain Biking

I have been keen on mountain biking since the late 1980s.

My first proper mountain bike was Marin Bear Valley that I had between 1989 and 1995. Following that in April 1995 I purchased a 19" Orange Vit T2 titanium hardtail. I kept the bike until August 2009 when it went to a new loving home via

The photos below are the Orange in Spring 2006 with most of the original parts still on it and then again in March 2007 after a number of upgrades:
Orange Vit T2 with Pace forks Orange Vit T2 with Pace forks

2008 saw a major updating of my biking with the purchase of a 26" Scott Spark Ltd. This was the world's lightest full suspension production mountain bike at the time and it is a truly exceptional machine.
Scott Spark LtdScott Spark Ltd

I've used the Spark to complete the South Downs Way in a day a number of times.

The Spark is now really retired as a museum piece.

Between March 2007 and July 2021 I ran on online social network for riders in my local area called ‘Petersfield Mountain Bikers’

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For many years my preferred choice of motorised transport was the motorbike. I passed my full motorcycle test in 1992 and have owned four different bikes since then. In April 2004 I passed the Institute of Advanced Motorists motorcycle test.

BMW R 1200 GS

From 2005 to 2012 I owned a 2005 BMW R 1200 GS — a large capacity touring/enduro bike built to be as good off-road as it is on road (GS stands for ‘gelande/strasse’ which translates as ‘off-road/street’).

I did just over 64,000miles on the GS whilst I owned it and definitely consider it the most capable and comfortable motorbike I had ever ridden.

My R 1200 GS My R 1200 GS My R 1200 GS My R 1200 GS

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