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This is the ‘Accessibility’ page from ‘’ in simplified layout

Accessibility statement

I have aimed to make this site as accessible as possible for three reasons:

This site has been designed solely using CSS for layout. There is no use of tables for layout.

Ease of use

The layout of this site has been designed to take into account users who may be visually impaired or have difficulties using a mouse. Therefore it is fully compatible with popular screen reading software and can be navigated using just the keyboard.

Please note that unless otherwise stated all links will open within the same browser window.


The site validates as XHTML 1.0 Strict and conforms to web standards as set out by the World Wide Web Consortium. As such it will display as intended in all modern web browsers, although it is viewable in any browser or internet device.

Level AAA conformance icon, W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Valid XHTML 1.0! Valid CSS!

The main site conforms to WAI AAA rating on all of its pages. Note: some of the linked sub-sites do not conform to the WAI rating.

Access Keys

Most web browsers support accessing links (moving the ‘focus’) through keyboard shortcuts. On a Macintosh browser the focus is moved by pressing ‘CTRL’ and an access key; on Microsoft Windows and Unix systems, the focus is moved by pressing ‘Alt’ and an access key. Once the focus is on a link use the ‘Enter’ key to activate.

The access keys used on this site are:

1 = Home Page

6 = Help

0 = Accessibility

3 = Site Map

S = Skip Navigation

Increasing text size

Some users might find screen text easier to read by increasing the size at which text is displayed. To do this you should simply adjust your browser’s settings.

Changing colours

Changing the site's background colour can be particularly useful for users who rely on magnification technology as white can produce an uncomfortable glare. It is also possible to change the colour of body text on the site. Both can be achieved by changing preferences in your browser: